A number of years ago I had a two-hour layover in the Los Angeles airport. I still had 14 or 15 hours of flying time ahead of me so I decided to pick up a good book. Fortunately, I selected a classic. It is a release published in hard cover by Pocket Books written by Shad Helmstetter, titled Choices.

Helmstetter writes about choosing not complaining. I quote:

“Imagine the incredibly powerful, productive moments, minutes and hours of the days and weeks of our lives that we could complain or not – simply by our own choices. I doubt that we could accurately calculate the amount of additional productive time each of us would have in one year if, for that year, we turned every moment of complaint into a moment of choice to do something better instead.

Imagine what we could do in our homes, with our families and in our personal lives if we made the choice to replace complaining with positive belief. Imagine what you could do with those extra moments and hours of your life if you made the choice, right now, to never complain – and at every opportunity from here on out to replace even the most minor complaint with the positive energy of your own potential.

Imagine never again complaining. Could you still be a strong person, a person of conviction and opinion? Would you still do everything you need to do to make change in your life, or to deal in a clear and effective way with the obstacles and problems that come along? The answer is that you would be more effective, as you would be concentrating on positive actions to improve situations”.

Those are not the words of some motivational speaker or an inspirational message. They are simply the truth.

Bob Proctor
Chairman & Co-Founder
Proctor Gallagher Institute